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Our eldest daughter is the original inspiration and motivation for My Elle Belle Co.

I learned to sew while working for a seamstress in high school and college. When we had our daughter, my desire to work outside of the home drastically changed and I wanted nothing more than to stay at home with her. At the time, it wasn't financially feasible unless we found a way to replace part of my income. We did a lot of research, spent hours upon hours developing patterns and choosing fabrics, and even more time praying about starting our business.

Now, over six years later, we've had a second daughter and this small shop has aided my ability to stay home with them full time. While we've recently rebranded (from Elle Belle Baby to My Elle Belle Co), our family dream of spending more time together and being able to be generous to others remains the same.

We are so blessed and humbled by each person who chooses to support our shop and, in turn, supports our family dream. We thank the Lord for each of you! Thank you for stopping by!